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Saturday 1 April 2017

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NHS worker socialist Steve to stand for mayor of Doncaster

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is pleased to announce that Steve Williams will be standing as the TUSC candidate for Doncaster Mayor in the May elections.

Steve is the chair of the Doncaster District & Bassetlaw UNISON health branch, with a decades-long record of fighting for the NHS.

Steve says: "I've worked in the NHS for 27 years as a mental health nurse. I see first hand the devastating effects of the cuts on the most vulnerable in society.

"Thirty years ago I stood on miners' picket lines fighting Thatcher's attack on our communities. Now I am a UNISON public services union shop steward and marched last month with up to 250,000 others to Save Our NHS.

Stop council cuts to social care

"Social care in Doncaster has been devastated by the council closing homes and privatising services. I was proud to stand with the Doncaster Care UK workers who took 90 days strike action in 2014 against the privatisation of their service.

"Although I support Jeremy Corbyn's anti-austerity message, nothing has changed in Doncaster where the Labour mayor and council have carried out the Tory cuts of £109 million in the last three years, closing libraries, residential homes, children's centres and leisure facilities. They plan another £67 million cuts by 2021. There'll be nothing left!

"If elected as mayor, I would stand up for local people and propose a budget based on the needs of Doncaster, not the demands of the Conservative government. I would rally the townspeople against the Tories to fight for the funding we need to protect our jobs and services.

Start building council homes now

"There has been a huge increase in homelessness in Doncaster. As mayor, I would take emergency measures to open unused council buildings to offer temporary shelter for those living rough on the streets and I would use the council's borrowing powers to finance a massive council house-building programme.

"I supported the Women's Lives Matter campaign against the closure of the Women's Aid centre that provides support for sufferers of domestic violence. I would restore guaranteed council funding to sustain this vital service.

"I also support the Fire Brigade Union's campaign to keep the second night-time appliance at Doncaster central fire station, especially as the Fire Authority have millions of pounds held in reserves. As with the campaign to keep the guards on the trains, safety must come before profit.

"I oppose fracking in the former coalfields as it is a proven danger to the environment and public health. I'm also opposed to HS2 which is an expensive waste of money that will not benefit ordinary people in Doncaster".

Public meeting

Come to the pre-election public meeting on Tuesday 2 May, starting at 7pm, at the Danum Hotel, High Street, Doncaster DN1 1DN.

Speakers will include Steve Williams and Dave Nellist, the former Labour MP who is now the national chair of TUSC.

For more information contact Steve at [email protected]